Alright, The Cincinnati Enquire Reported The Dan O Brien Said The 1st Order Of Business For The New Year Is To Sign Dunn Long Term. Here It Is Friday The 13th And Still No Contract. Instead They Have Focused On Rich Aurilia, Frank Menechino, Steve Torrealba, Rob Stratton, Grant Belfour, And Stated That Coffey/Weathers/Mercker/Hammonds Will All Have Chances To Save Games. This Is Frustrating As A Fan To See Your 1st Baseman Dealt For A Cash Saver To Clear Up The 4 OF Situation By Placing Dunn At 1st. And Then Not Signing Him To A Long Contract. He Has Said Plenty Of Times He Wants To Be A Red, But If You Keep Piddling Around He Isn't Going To Joke About Wanting To Go Elsewhere Like Last Year With Houston. I Wish Someone In This Organization Spoke The Truth.. We Were Promised A Winning Ball Club If We Forked Over The Money For The Stadium.. Never Happened. Then We Have Our Fire-Sale To And Begin Our Rebuilding System Which Requires Us To Sign A Squad Of 34-35 Year Olds In Randa, Weathers, Mercker, And Aurilia. On Top Of That Our Farm System Hasn't Improved Since Dan O Took Over.. It Has Actually Got Worse According To The Records. So This Offseason We Have Traded Casey For Williams, Prospects (Who Weren't Tendered.. I Know) For Womack, And Signed A Tommy John Recoveree, And Cut Hancock Who Is Better Than Bong, Simpson, Nelson, And Burns Who Are All On The 40 Man Roster. Oh.. Don't Let Me Leave Out Mr. Freel. This Guy Maybe A Hustler, But This Guy Has Issues With Alcohol.. And This Being His 2nd Offense Should Be One To Many And Be Removed From This Club. Same Goes For Bubba.. Cause Come Spring Training You Know He Is Going To Get Hammered And Get Busted.. It Has Happened The Past 2 Seasons. The New Owners Have A Plate Full In Front Of Them And Hopefully They Have The Knowledge To Right This Organization And Set A Plan That Should Of Been Inforced Years Ago. Wow! Tons Of Credit Goes Out To Anyone Who Reads This! I Just Needed To Vent.. I Got Screwed On An eBay Deal!