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Oh man.. ok, I will try this one more time for those of you that are obviously on the Kentucky side of the River.
obviously you failed geography. I'm on the Ohio side of the river.

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Biggio, Bagwell and Ausmus.... Thats it Heath. No one else is even close to Social Security.
So, that's umm...like your heart and soul of your team.

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Clemens is important, but he isnt the Astros can win without him. I have every faith that he will return in May. But even if he doesnt this team can win.
I disagree. I think Pettitte is lost without him. I think Brad Lidge is going to have shell-shock issues until the All-star break. Roy Oswalt throws hard and one bad pitch and his arm is shot. If you are also thinking the Wandy Rodriguez is the answer, I'm not sure I want to know the question.

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As far as career years go.. I dont know anyone but Ensberg that had a career year. The rest of the team played below average offensively.
Tavares played better in the majors than he did in the minors. Jason Lane finally hit someone else besides Reds pitching. Berkman's going to start to be pitched around after they realize how much Preston Wilson's gonna strike out.

I think the worse thing that happened to Astros was getting swept in the Series. Now, you've got Bagwell issues, because like every other veteran superstar, he isn't sure if he wants to retire.

BTW - the Cardinals still are the team to beat. IMO.