I hope that next year MLB The Show will improve on its graphics. The graphics in this one seem blocky, and most of the players faces do not look a thing like themselves (like Kearns and EE). The gameplay also needs some work. I despise the bars used for player ratings. I like the 2K way with number ratings ten times better. The people from 989 sports did a pretty weak job on player batting stances as well. Even some of the special batting stances for players in the game (for example: The Ortiz stance) are not correct. Wily Mo's stance is definately not Generic 1.

Overall, I think MLB 06 The Show is pretty good baseball game. I was disappointed when I saw how it was, but I'm hoping it will grow on me like RedsFan75 said. I look forward to getting MLB 2K6 to see if its better than The Show. If anyone gets it, let me know what you think and if you think it is better than 06.