It's Tuesday in West Virginia and that means only two more days until the ownership can take over. At this point I'm not fearful and I only look ahead with optimism (guarded optimism for sure) at what can be done once the change is final--with crossed fingers.

My hope is that the new owners come in and get rid of Allen, O'Brien, most of the rest of the front office (and especially including the PR department), field management, and TV crew. Of course, all of that won't happen, but that's my hope.

For obvious reasons, no competent owner would want John Allen in his present position just because of PR alone. He's loathed by Reds fans. Fire him or kick him downstairs (he might make a great usher). O'Brien is a total idiot and needs to look elsewhere for employment even if it means we have to use Marty Brenneman as the GM for a year (I'm serious--I could have used Porky Pig, but you get my drift). The rest of the front office has been part of a franchise that hasn't had a winning season since 2000. The PR department is woefully inadequate in modern society. They must go. And I hate this for Jerry Narron, Verne Ruhle, and Chris Chambliss, but they all must, at least in the beginning, go. Hire some of them back if you want, but pink slips should be like confetti at an astronaut parade starting Friday. The turmoil would show everyone that there's a new sheriff in town (and I do not mean Don Gullett).

But I wait in anticipation with my glass half full. If some changes are not made I may have to go into exile until opening day. I wouldn't miss that even if we stand pat.