Today the ownership of the Reds changed hands.

Thanks, Mr. Lindner. I know you've been under near constant attack since you took the reins from Marge. Thanks for your stewardship.

Thanks for recognizing that this was not your game. Thanks for getting out. That's not a slam, it's a compliment. A good man knows his limitations.

I appreciate that you gave us respectability after years of embarrassment under Marge's ownership. I appreciate not having to cringe every time I meet someone who laughs about Shotzie taking a dump on the infield.

I appreciate that you did the best you could, and I truly believe that you did. And I appreciate that you understand that this isn't your strength, and that you're turning it over to a new man.

It doesn't bother me that you made money and tax breaks. That's ok. This is America, you weren't supposed to take a loss.

I'm glad you aren't holding on and passing ownership down to your relatives. I think you believe that you've found the right man for the job.

Thank you, Mr. Lindner. You realized that you were a steward, a transitional owner. You got rid of Marge and Bowden, and I appreciate that. You hired DanO. Now it's time for you to go, as I'm sure you know how well that's worked out.

I wish you nothing but happiness for the rest of your life, and I hope it's a long one. You do a lot of good through your various causes, and you should be admired.

Thanks for saving the franchise from ongoing humiliation, and thanks for realizing you are simply not a baseball man and getting out.

In a few years, history will forget the five years of historically bad baseball and remember you for all your fine public works.

That's really how it should be.