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i loved what i heard from our new owner. very passionate man about the reds and baseball. he wont stand for losing. mr lindner i felt was just passionate about cincy, but didnt really know what to do or care that the team wasnt good. our new owner seems like he knows what he is doing to. they said all the right things and not the same as what has been said before(like ive heard some say) and he just said it in a dif way. i just got this good feeling listening to all 3 of them. i love that they took allen away from baseball decisions. and before people yell about the fo keeping their jobs. im glad they did. you just cant throw everything out then higher whatever is out there. that wont get you the best. i believe they want the best. they talked about bringing in the best people and letting them do their job. i think you are seeing with players signing 1 year deals, and all fo's and the manager on one year deals that we will see changes in a year or less. i think they have ideas of who they want and they may not be available now. i know you dont want to just throw this year away, and believe me, i dont either. but id rather have one more bad year to have 10 great ones(lets hope) then do something drastic now just to try to win now and be bad for 10 more years.

i am very pleased with what i am seeing and hearing SO FAR