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It definitely would have been bold and aggressive. My argument is that bold and aggressive is exactly what Reds fans are up for at this point in time. Everything folks like about Castellini's press conference touches upon the notion that he's going to be bold and aggressive.

I don't fault him for not taking it farther on his first day, but he'd be the king of Cincinnati if he had.
I dunno. Signing Eric Milton was "bold and agressive" but it was stupid. Doing something just for the sake of doing some thing isn't always the best thing.

To me, simply firing Dan O'Brien results in nothing more than it did when JimBo was let go. We thought firing Bowden made a statement. It didn't. Firing O'Brien right at this moment only opens up the opportunity for another dud to get the job. Unless there is a qualified outside person ready to step in and ready to hit the ground running, keeping OB on a VERY short leash is better than GM-by-committee by a handful of underlings. Just the act of dumping O'Brien doesn't excite me. It's too "same song, different verse." Now, if we read of Paul DePodesta meeting behind closed doors with Castellini, then its time to dump Danny Boy.

What I'm going to be looking at are the new advisors that are brought in. Are they going to be more of the same, or will they be new blood? Will they be people who know how to scout and develop a farm system? Will there be people who understand the difference between BA and OBP? Will there even BE any new advisors?

Let's see who he brings in.