Pretend DanO knows baseball. Pretend he wants to do all the right things. Then, right when it is all about to happen, someone else shuts it down.

John Allen has essentially been the GM of this team for years. DanO could have possibly never had full control of the baseball operations and he never would have had a chance. Maybe this is why it doesn't matter who our GM is while Allen has control.
Reds | Allen's Role Redefined
Fri, 20 Jan 2006 21:29:17 -0800

New Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini has decided to keep chief operating officer John Allen, but he will focus exclusively on the business side of the ballclub, according to the Associated Press. Under previous owner Carl Lindner, Allen ran the entire operation, including the baseball side of the ballclub, and reported directly to the owner.
This makes me ill thinking that he had this much control. Maybe this year will be DanO's real chance to do something. He had a good draft last year (from what we can tell from now) and hopefully will be solid again this year.

Opinions? And let them make sense, don't tell me about DanO's binders or any crap like that. Make this a serious baseball discussion.