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I like the recruiting class, but I just don't see them being the best team in the country. They're losing 3 out of their defenseive linebackers and all 3 starting linebackers. I'm also concerned they're losing 2 offensive lineman who played really well most of last year. They're going to have some growing pains next year.
While I agree that the defense could struggle early due to lack of experiece, the projected D that they will field is extremely talented. I think their talent will make up for the lack of experience before it's all said and done.

The offense will not skip a beat, they might even be a tad more potent. Smith is really coming into his own and with the loss of Holmes, Ginn will get the ball in his hands more which is never a bad thing. Chris Wells could have a Maurice Clarett type impact next season if given the chance....he's that good, if not better than Maurice.