That is exactly what Kobe is, a ball hog.

I don't question his work ethic, it obvious he works hard as he has improved greatly since being a skinny little 18 year old.

I, also, don't think he "raped" that woman. I don't know, but IMHO, it seemed like a classic case of gold digging.

BUT....You take Kobe Bryant and put him on those Bulls teams, and they barely make the playoffs, if that.

Kobe has the talent to be MJ, but he needs to learn how to make the players around him better like Jordan did. He should have realized the value of Shaq, and won 2 or 3 more rings. Instead he is selfish, and thought he was overshadowed (sp?) by him, when in reality alot of people looked at them equally.

I was very impressed with Kobe in that game against the Cavs not to long ago where he was cold all night but came up big and hit the last couple shots to really win the game.