Names surfacing immediately included Brad Kullman, Wayne Krivsky, Gary Hughes, Jack McKeon and Michael Hill, among others.
Kullman good. Considering the continued slant of the Twins, Krivsky is a guy with whom I'd completely be on the fence. Reds need more than that. Gary Hughes isn't anyone an intelligent team should remotely consider. He's a dolt of the first order. Jack McKeon just needs to drift off into the nice place the rest of us call "retirement".

Hill is an relatively unknown quantity, but I like the fact that he's been with a team that has consistently dealt players for real value. That being said, it's impossible to know how much influence he's had with those moves.

Overall, that's an exceptionally uninspiring list of GM candidates. There isn't a single guy on that list I'd want running the baseball operation over Brad Kullman.