Narron: Dragons will be able to swing away By Hal McCoy
Dayton Daily News

For those Dayton Dragons fans wondering about the edict imposed last year that hitters must take a strike before they can swing, well, that rule went down swinging with the departure of Cincinnati Reds General Manager Dan O'Brien.

Reds manager Jerry Narron, speaking Thursday to the Dayton Agonis Club, brought it up without being asked and said, "On taking a first strike, I guarantee that it is out. Learning the strike zone and not taking strikes is important in the development of our hitters."

Dayton fans, and most Reds staffers, were strongly against the rule imposed by the recently fired O'Brien.

In addition, Narron said the Dragons won't be saddled with a 75-pitch limit for their starters. That rule forced the club to use two "starting pitchers" in piggy-back fashion last year.

"You do need some pitch limits on young arms, but you also have to build up arm strength and you do that by throwing," Narron said. "We will let 'em pitch."