You have some big corporations in the Cincinnati area..Kroger and P&G to name a couple...How active are the big companies when it comes to professional sports up there? I found a small story on how P&G's CEO has bought a "micro" percentage of the Reds....;_yl...v=ap&type=lgns

Down here in the Charlotte NC area, corporations take a BIG interest in the professional sports. Wachovia Bank...Duke Power..and others..have a big part of the pro sports scene. If it wasn't for the big dogs, this area wouldn't have the football Panthers..the basketball Bobcats..the hockey Hurricanes..they own big shares..they let you know they own big shares..

And let's not even go into NASCAR and corporate sponsorship..

The oldest franchise in baseball...and lately, one of the most hurt by the dollar.

Can you imagine what could have been if a corporate giant like Procter & Gamble had thrown money in the direction of the Reds?

How much support do the locals get from corporations when it comes to the Reds and Bengals?