Yeah, I convulsively shivered when I typed it, but I thought it might be worth musing on.

Milton does occasionally flash ability. Some starts he's on, more often he's not. When he's on, his fastball is down in the zone with some life an accuracy.

Maybe, due to his knee, he's only got 15 pitches in him on a given night. Maybe if you let him rear back and just fire away you'd be able to wring some value out of the guy. No, I'm not convinced it'll work either.

But what do the Reds have to lose? It's not like there's a Plan A for the closer role at the moment. If you try Milton there in ST and he flops then you've lost nothing. The club should already know that it's asking for a beatdown if he starts. Might as well reach into the hat and try to pull a rabbit from it.