As a diehard member of the Steelers Nation for 33 years, Sunday will be that day which every NFL team's fans yearn for. And for the Black & Gold that has been 10 years since our last Super Bowl appearance, and 26 years since we hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. Hopefully this year we get that one for the Thumb.

The experience of Sunday is what I hope every one of our Reds devoted fans can yearn for within the next five years. I think we are on the right track with Castanelli as the boss but having a competent GM to make the key moves will be the key.

Anyways, the beer has been chilling for a week and half. The food will be brought in Sunday. The Black & Gold jerseys are hanging ready to be worn. The war paint is ready to be applied.

Folks the only thing better than this is a Reds world champion.

The Black & Gold will make sure the Super Bowl stays in the AFC.

God Bless.