I know we're all Reds fans here, but one of the other threads got me interested in finding out where everyone's allegiance is when it comes to other sports.

I'm always interested to find out who your teams are and how they became your favorites (btw, I'm defining this by what teams are you passionate about. If you just kinda like other teams, that doesn't count...I'm talking about the teams you follow very closely).

Here are mine:

MLB: Reds. Obviously. Grew up in Cincinnati (Western Hills) during the BRM era.
NFL: Bengals. Again, I'm a Cincy boy, who else am I going to root for.
NBA: Don't care. I live close to Cleveland now so I do have a tiny bit of interest in the Cavs, but I'm far from passionate about them.
NHL: Lived in Columbus when the Blue Jackets started. I like 'em but I don't follow them closely. Other than the CBJ, I don't pay the NHL much attention.
College Football: Buckeyes. Even though I grew up in Cincy (which is not an OSU town per se--like Cleveland is) I have always loved the Bucks. They're the state school.
College Basketball: Buckeyes. Same reason as football. Became a die hard OSU B-ball fan during the Jimmy Jackson era.

I have no others...at all. I'm a one-team guy for all sports. And I've never really understood how anyone could root for multiple teams in the same sport. Anyway...who are the teams you are passionate about?