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Thread: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

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    Aug 2002

    your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs
    NFL: New England Patriots
    NBA: Detroit Pistons
    NCAAB: Indiana Hoosiers
    NCAAF: N/A.. I don't really follow it enough to despise a team
    NHL: The whole league.

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    smells of rich mahogany deltachi8's Avatar
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    Houston, TX

    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    Teams that play againts team I want to win.
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    Puffy's Daddy Red Leader's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    Centerville, OH

    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: NY Yankees, LA Dodgers.
    NFL: Philadelphia Eagles
    NBA: Boston Celtics, and now Kobe's Lakers
    NCAAB: Any Big 10 team (other than UM)
    NCAAF: Ohio State, Notre Dame
    NHL: Anaheim Ducks
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    Missouri Tigers
    Most NBA teams
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    I can do the Hully Gully IowaRed's Avatar
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB-Cubs, Red Sox (in the 70's & 80's it was Cubs and Dodgers)
    NBA-Celtics (not a big fan of Bird, McHale, Parrish, Ainge, etc)
    NFL-Cowboys, Raiders
    NCAA-in Iowa but NOT an Iowa fan
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    Pagan/Asatru Ravenlord's Avatar
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: Yankees, Braves, Phillies, Mets

    NFL: Bengals, Ravens, all NFC teams

    NBA: the NBA

    College: anyone who's not in the Big 10
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: Cubs
    NFL: Ravens
    NCAAF: Notre Dame, even though I'm a grad student here, I can't stand the FB.
    NCAAB: IU, though that has relented a little bit lately with Bobby not being around.
    NBA: NBA
    NHL: Washington Capitols, can't explain it.

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    15 game winner Danny Serafini's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    Oak Tavern

    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: Cubs
    NFL: Browns
    NBA: Knicks
    NHL: Devils/Red Wings
    NCAA: Michigan/Notre Dame/Georgetown/Bowling Green

    That and whoever the bandwagon team happens to be at the time, such as the Patriots. Bandwagoners drive me up a wall, so I tend to root against their teams.

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    The wino and I know bucksfan's Avatar
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    Aug 2000

    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: NY Yankees, LA Dodgers, Cubs, Astros, Giants.

    NFL: hard to say anymore - I lost my spirit when the Browns moved and now I cannot bring myself to like or dislike anymore - if forced to pick I'll take the Ravens as most disliked

    NBA: I was going to put Portland, but now that Juan Dixon and Steve Blake are on the team and starting backcourt that erases some sins for me Knicks could probably go there because I really don't care for anyone on their roster whatsoever as well as Mr Thomas.

    NCAAB: Any Pac-10, Duke is getting there just because of the breaks they get, Michigan, Minnesota (still leftover from Clem Haskins' days and the ugly incident a LONG time ago - should subside with more time)

    NCAAF: Notre Dame, Michigan, Miami (Fla), Fla State, Oregon State, Va Tech, Tennessee
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    Puffy 3:16 Puffy's Avatar
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    NCAA basketball - - Duke, Duke and Duke again. Also don't care for SU or Duke.

    NCAA football - - Ohio State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas State, Texas Tech (yeah, any 12 school - can you say overrated)

    MLB - - the Cubs and the Cards.

    NFL - - Eagles, Redskins and Cowboys equally. And the Niners. And for some unknown reason the Cardinals (even though the Giants have really owned them over the years)

    NBA - - ahhhh, the Lakers, but the NBA is so blasi....
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    The Lineups stink. KronoRed's Avatar
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    West N. Carolina

    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: Cubs, Cards Astros, Yankees, Braves, Giants
    NFL: Cowboys, Raiders, Vikings, Ravens, Titans
    NBA/NHL: All
    College Basketball: Kentucky, ACC.
    College Football: Everyone but Florida
    Go Gators!

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    For a Level Playing Field RedFanAlways1966's Avatar
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    Apr 2001
    Oakwood, OH

    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs.
    NFL: New England Patriots, NY Giants, NY Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers.
    NBA: Boston Celtics, NY Knicks, LA Lakers.
    NHL: Boston Bruins & any team w/ a city name that was not in the NHL 20 years ago.
    NCAAFB: Boston College, Michigan Wolverines, Wisconsin Badgers & Miami Hurricanes.
    NCAABB: Boston College, Kentucky Wildcats, Temple Owls & Louisville Cardinals.
    Small market fan... always hoping, but never expecting.

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    First Time Caller SunDeck's Avatar
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: Yankees, Red Sox
    NFL: Baltimore
    NHL: Any team who's home ice is at a latitude that prevents lakes from freezing.
    NCAA FB: Michigan, Ohio State
    NCAA BB: Duke (because of Christian Laetner)
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    Moderator cumberlandreds's Avatar
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB: Yankees and Dodgers
    NFL: Redskins
    NCAA FB: Tennessee
    NCAA BB: Duke,Louisville and North Carolina
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    Member Reds Fanatic's Avatar
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    Re: your LEAST favorite sports teams...

    MLB - Cubs, Cards
    NFL - Steelers
    NCAA FB - Michigan
    NCAA BB - Duke

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