Arizona has picked up OF Jeff DaVanon (formerly of the Angels) on a one-year deal... in the process designating LHP Mike Gosling for assignment.

Sure, Mike's a post-op who's struggled in the two years since... but he's also just 25 and has a Stanford pedigree (2nd round, 2001)- he also jumped right to AA coming out of college at age 21 and pitched really well in El Paso, a hitter's park (2002). Then missed all of '03. Past two years he's bounced between AAA Tucson and the D-Backs without much success.

Scouting report says he has a good fastball/changeup combo but has trouble throwing strikes and has an awkward delivery. Sounds like a smart pitching coach could be of help.

Plus, if Wayne Krivsky becomes GM, he might pick Gosling up- the Twins originally drafted Mike out of high school in 1998. The 40-man is full, but surely if a prospect-ager like Bubba Nelson can make it through waivers, surely Jung Bong or Mike Burns can...?