Hey all,

Marty will be a guest on my show here in Clemson this Monday (Feb. 13), at 9:06 a.m.

As usual, I'll try to record and post the audio here ASAP for those who want to recap it. But if you want to listen live, just go to www.wccpfm.com and click on Listen Live. You may be asked to download a plug-in, but it is safe/virus-free.

Also, the Braves pulled the ol' Caravan switch-a-roo on us last Wednesday, and instead of Frank Wren we got the other asst. GM, Dayton Moore.

His interview was pretty good, especially talking about how the Braves do sprinkle a little statistical analysis into their usual character/makeup/tools scouting philosophy.

He also said that despite the decreased payroll and uncertainty of the future because of the franchise's pending sale, the organization is still moving forward and - in relation to the World Baseball Classic - will be expanding their international scouting presence almost immediately.

If I can get that interview up, I'll post a link to it, too.