Here are a few of my pet peeves:

1. People who stay in the fast lane on the interstate when nobody else is around. Even when you come up behind them, they're oblivious to the fact that THEY'RE IN THE WRONG LANE! MOVE OVER!

2. People who don't use their turn signals. GRRR!

3. Know-it-alls. My mother in law is one (at least she thinks she knows it all). Funny thing is, people who are know-it-alls usually don't realize that they look like know-nothings because they try to come across as knowing it all. Does that even make sense?

4. Bad breath. OMG! Is there anything worse?

5. Fingernails...the kind that are bitten so often that there's hardly anthing left to chew on. Gross. Also, men with long fingernails...even if they're clean, it's still gross.

6. Guys who talk with a lisp (on purpose) and/or affeminate sounding guys. Stop it!

7. Smokers. You all stink. You think you don't but we smell you.

8. The idiots that crank their rap music so loud that the whole city can hear it. Are you guys hard of hearing? Why do you do that? Not cool.

9. Guys who play rec league sports and think that they're an all-star playing the the 7th game of the World Series. Your glory days are long gone pal. IT'S A REC LEAGUE...chill out.

10. Nasty teeth. Nothing turns me off more than a person with messed up chicklets.

11. Commercials (TV or radio) can't stand 'em. I don't watch/listen to 'em either.

12. Political Correctness. Enough already! Everybody's WAY too sensitive.

13. When people call you on the phone and want you to guess who it is. I HATE THAT! Just tell me up front and get on with it!

14. People that take up two parking places in the parking lot. EXCUUUSE ME! Sometimes if I can squeeze in next to them, I will...even if I have to get out of my car through the passenger door. Jerks.

15. People who throw cigarette butts out the window like the world is their freakin' ash tray.

16. People who never take blame for stuff that's their own fault (this includes MOST people). It's always someone else's fault...there's ALWAYS an excuse.

17. Redszoners who don't give me positive feedback for stellar posts.

Keep 'em comin'. I know you guys have more...