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I swear that most on here can never find the good in anything.

In our small world, it's impossible to keep things under wraps... I don't have a problem. I just don't go to the news sites or watch the news until later.

How would you guys suggest they air the games to make them better, especially during the week when people work. I'm sure the NBC execs would love to hear your suggestions.
I did send my comments to NBC. There's no excuse on a Sunday for not showing any live coverage except for women's hockey. They didn't show anything until 3:30 p.m., and there were more commercials then action.

It's not about whether or not I know the results that I have a problem with. I had a problem Sunday knowing that many events were ongoing live, and I had to wait all day to see anything because NBC wanted to prepackage everything with 500 commercial breaks.

However, I thought they did a great job last night, though. Particularly with the figure skating pairs. I'm not a huge figure skating fan, but they kept my interest and the background stories were short and extremely well done.