I've got two goals with this post:

1) Nickname history: Does anyone know the derivation of the common blog nicknames 'Jimbo' (Jim Bowden) and 'DanO' (Dan O'Brien)

2) Nickname for Krivsky: It would be nice to have a blog name for the new GM much like the pervasive "DanO". Does anyone have an idea for what we bloggers should call Krivsky? Based on different names I've seen being used on other threads and a similar post I put up on Red Reporter yesterday, I've compiled a revised list of possibilities here. Please support your favorite or, by all means, suggest a nickname that you think would be more fitting.

Wayne K
Wayne Dog
Wayne's World
Krivsky Business
Krivsky Creme

This list is by no means exhaustive, so please chime in with your ideas! I think my personal vote is for 'Kriv'--short, easy to type, and catchy.