12 team league, with odd scoring. 10 categories, 6 of which are offense:

ERA, S, K, W

I've been trying to get them to add WHIP and drop something like AVG, but so far no luck.

Anyway, I get to keep three players heading into this season. It's the first time the league has ever allowed keepers. Here are the players that I held at the end of last season that I would consider at least borderline keepable:

Mark Teixeira
David Wright
Miguel Cabrera
Pedro Martinez
Zach Duke
Andy Pettite
Paul Konerko
Felipe Lopez
Carlos Beltran
AJ Burnett

Realistically, I'm definitely going to keep Pedro. I'm fairly sure I'm also keeping Teixeira, even though first base is such a deep position.

My real dilemma is Wright vs. Cabrera. I'm really having a tough time deciding which would be better, and I keep going back and forth. Anyone care to persuade me one way or the other?

Also, I included the above list just in case anyone thinks any of the above would be worth keeping over Pedro/Teixeira/Wright/Cabrera.

Thanks for the help!