This is very interesting:

In these pages, you will find something truly unique in the world of baseball stats: the "batted ball" outcomes for all major leaguers who saw significant playing time in 2005. Inside, you'll find out how many times each batter struck out or walked, hit outfield flies, line drives and groundballs, and even how many "net runs" he created with each outfield fly, line drive and groundball. You'll see the same thing for pitchers, too. And you'll see four year's worth of data for everyone.

I initially introduced these tables in a series of articles at The Hardball Times, How Do You Like Your Data?, Pitcher Tables, Inside DER and Batter's Batted Ball Tables.

You can read more comments about these tables in the Baseball Graphs blog. To view the Library tables, pick a team on the right, or search for team pages with a specific player in the following search box. The table layouts are explained further below. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in this post.