Um, I feel sorry for the folks that were camped out there for a week - doh! I don't think it means they will not get tickets i'm assuming, but maybe not as good as they hoped.

I've been driving by these people daily on the way home - tents all the way around the block now - it's a bit ridiculous and could be handled better in the future, there has to be a better way than having people camped out all night downtown in freezing cold weather. I am suprised none of them were robbed overnight with PS2's and whatnot in their tents!

Statement From the Reds:

It is unfortunate that some fans were disappointed today in our efforts to minimize line crashers and protect those who have been patiently waiting in line for an extended period of time to purchase Opening Day tickets. Our goal was to do the right thing and we made every effort to be fair. Unfortunately, some fans were disappointed in the process of issuing vouchers indicating place in line.
The Reds strive to make the on sale of Opening Day tickets as fair as possible. With such a high demand for tickets it is not possible for everyone to acquire Opening Day tickets. We are truly appreciative of all of our fans, and especially admire those who have persevered the elements over the past week. Under the direction of new ownership we have provided additional vouchers to allow this group to be in line to have the opportunity to purchase Opening Day tickets.
The Reds will review and consider changes to the procedures for next seasons on sale at Great American Ball Park.