I'm very surprised I had not seen this anywhere yet. If it's buried inside of a thread, please lock this up but I looked all over the current threads and did not see it.

BCast has talked to Joe and asked him to get more involved. It makes it seem more and more likely that Nuxhall was right when he said he was run out a little bit before he wanted to be.

The article said he will be doing about 30 games this year which is a lot more than last year. It said he will probably even do a few road trips.

I for one, love this decision. We all know Joe isn't the best with words, and doesn't always keep track of everything, but he's a Cincinnati legend and the emotion he brings to the game is what I love about him. I really have missed hearing him with Marty. Don't get me wrong, Steve Stewart has done a decent job but he just doesn't get into a game like Joe does.

I can't wait to tune and hear Nuxey's voice a little bit more this year.