I've been to several games @ GABP and I always sit in club seats, whether it be down the first base line or in the lower club behind home plate. I was thinking about buying some tickets in other areas. I was wondering if the seats in the infield terrace were any good? How far back is too far? I've walked down there a couple of times, but never have sat there during the game.

What are the best non-premium seats? I've also had a lot of luck, in the past, buying premium seats a couple days before the game I want to go to. Any opinions would be great.

BTW, If anyone has any opening day tickets(2, 3, or 4) for a reasonable price, I would be glad to work out a deal. I haven't had the chance to go to opening day. I refuse to go the ebay route and pay over $100 per ticket for $18 seats.