My source has heard this from one of HIS sources, so it is at least third is so iffy in terms of a RUMOR that I almost didn't post some of you more informed may want to read no further....but here it is.

Apparently there is the framework of a deal in place, which is dependent upon the ST health of several players (who are not in the trade) that would have the Reds make a multi-player deal with an unknown AL West team.

The Reds would send Kearns, Homer Bailey and Edwin Encarnacion to this unidentified AL West team for a "difference maker" starting pitcher, a 2B prospect and a PTBNL.

I am not saying I like this or that it makes any sense, I am just passing along what my source told me.

Apparently, the two players on the Reds who have to show they are "healthy" are Paul Wilson and Eric Milton. My source says that someone very very high up in the Reds believes that if Wilson and Milton can show they can produce around 200 innings a piece, then this higher up person believes that adding a "difference maker" pitcher could make the Reds competitive (I hate that word).

The other part of this is that if Kearns is traded, Dunn will stay at 1B and Denorfia will become the starting RF.