I know now I took it for granted,
but I was only age thirteen.
I assumed it was the modern version
Such a pleasurable summer at the RIVERFRONT,
not hardly a single blemish.
It was known as wire-to-wire,
The Reds would lead from start to finish.
When a problem did appear -
and that was only now and then -
SWEET LOU took care of it quick,
with a point down toward the pen.
This version was plain NASTY,
from the seventh inning on.
With NORM, ROB, and RANDY on the hill,
the fear of losing was gone.
The CAPTAIN lived up the middle -
a true leader even then.
A big time clutch performer -
he just knew how to win.
A five-tool shortstop?
Baseball had only known a few.
BARRY’s silver bat and glove of gold
did all the talking it needed to do.
The GOGGLES watched the hot corner.
He was such a fan’s delight.
He played the game in a “ROSE-like” fashion,
with great desire, grit, and fight.
Forty-four played in center.
He was known as ERIC THE RED.
His talent in all aspects of the game
left many shaking their head.
We took out the Pittsburgh Pirates,
after being the best of all the WEST.
Now we had the pennant -
Champs of the NLCS
Then came the big, bad A’s,
who planned to BASH this and that,
but the broom went sweeeeep
and LA RUSSA’s bubble went flat.
The Reds had done the unthinkable,
with a JOSE of their own.
The champions of the world -
Where now they stood alone.
I remember the call like it was yesterday,
I remember what MARTY said.
As BENZINGER squeezed it in foul ground
“And this one belongs to the Reds!”
A dream season to remember -
and remember I always will -
I can’t wait for the Reds to return to October,
but today I am waiting still.
It must be about that time –
the tradition of opening day.
A time in which first-place
is just a win away.
Perhaps this will be the year,
that ultimately ends the drought.
I know in the mind of this die-hard Reds’ fan
there is but little doubt.