Ok, so I've been playing guitar for about 5 years now but I've never been into the whole technical aspect of the guitar. Mostly I play acoustic but I got a Fender telecaster a few years ago for Christmas. This is just the standard Fender tele (mexican). I've recently been getting heavy into the blues and now I want to play that tele more and I want to fix it up to make it a nicer guitar.

So I need some advice on what to do. Here's some of the things I was considering.
-A new bridge and saddle--the fender vintage bridge assembly.
-New tuners--probably the locking tuners.
-A new nut--don't know if this is necessary.
-New pickups

Now some questions:
-Are all these upgrades going to be necessary in order to have a better guitar?
-What kind of pickups should I get? I was looking at the Fender vintage noiseless tele pickups but they make others too and I'm not totally sure which would be best.
-Can I do these things myself or will I have to take it to a repair shop? I assume that I wont be able to do the pickups myself but the other stuff I'm not sure of.
-Any idea approximately the cost for a professional to do this stuff (not including the cost of all the parts)?

Any help that anyone can pass along I'd appreciate it. Like I said I want to play the blues and some blues-rock stuff. Thanks if you can help me in any way.