My question is this: if the problem started in winter ball, why on earth didn't he have it checked out?

2/23/06 - Marc's Blog

SARASOTA -- William Bergolla reported to camp with some soreness in his abdomen, after dealing with the same problem during winter ball this year in Venezuela. An MRI has revealed Bergolla has a hernia. The infielder is scheduled to see a specialist here in town tomorrow.

"The only way that this is going to be fixed is through surgery," said Reds trainer Mark Mann. "We値l have a better idea as far as time in regards to how long he値l miss after tomorrow痴 appointment."

However it goes there, Bergolla is all but guaranteed to begin the year on the disabled list. He was a longshot to make the roster anyway, especially considering he still has an option remaining.

In other medical news today, Ryan Wagner showed up this morning with a 101-degree fever and was immediately sent home.