I went to Sarasota today to watch Reds. Not much was happening because of the rain. Fields had standing water. But I did have a short conversation with Luke Hudson.

Luke and I had talked a few times during 2004 when he played for Chattanooga. We had talked about his arm strength and then one time he was in stands charting pitches with Kelley and we talked a bit longer.

I then saw him in Atlanta in Sep when he pitched a great game against Braves, and said Hi. I never saw him in 2005. So it's not like we have a huge history.

So when I saw him today after he threw, I wasn't even sure he would know who I was. But he did recognize me. You ever know someone (maybe yourself) who knew a secret and was just dying to tell someone? That's the way Luke was today.

I said "How you doing" and he said "I'm finally healthy, my arm feels great". He said he was hurt all last year and couldn't put anything on the ball. That's why he would pitch decent and then blow up. He said when he hurt his arm in Spring Training during the first game, it felt just like it was before he had the surgery. But he said his arm is fantastic now.

We talked about the disapointment about being dropped fro 40 man roster. He said he understood, because by the time he got sent to Az Fall League, he had nothing left, and scouts that saw him there knew it.

Luke is a great guy and if he was back in 2004 form that would be tremendous for the Reds. I also know that since he is off the 40 man roster and out of options, he'll start at AAA unless he just absolutely blows everyone away this spring.