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Thread: Kenny Williams rips Frank Thomas a new one

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    Re: Kenny Williams rips Frank Thomas a new one

    However, isn't Thomas, and other ML Players suppose to be professionals too?
    Yeah, but there is a world of difference between saying

    "I've got a lot of respect for Jerry Reinsdorf, I do. But I really thought, the relationship we had over the last 16 years, he would have picked up the phone to say, 'Big guy, we're moving forward. We're going somewhere different. We don't know your situation or what's going to happen.' I can live with that, I really can," Thomas said.

    "But treating me like some passing-by-player. I've got no respect for that,"
    Williams said he was most irate over Thomas' comments about Reinsdorf.

    Ok, so in turn he says this...

    "He's an idiot. He's selfish. That's why we don't miss him,"

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    Re: Kenny Williams rips Frank Thomas a new one

    Quote Originally Posted by RedFanAlways1966
    You are mistaken. I simply asked can it be possible that Frank did steroids while at Auburn. I asked a question. Did not make any accusations. The question can be interpreted in any way that a reader deems. I wondered aloud. Message boards create these thoughts. But with things like BALCO, Rafael, McGwire, etc... why should any fan question these things? Not to mention the sudden drop in 60+ HR season for individuals that we have seen (happened 2X in MLB history and then happens multiple times in a 5-year span, hmmm?!?!). And for anyone who thinks it is unfair for MLB fans to question these things, talk to Bud Selig and Donald Fehr.
    I simply asked that if you say it can also be possible that Frank used steroids at Auburn, then why can't you also say it's possible that Adam used steroids at Texas? You outlined specific parameters for Frank that Adam Dunn also fits and made a suggestion based off those parameters that Frank Thomas could have used steroids. But you can't be consistent and at least admit that "hey, Adam Dunn could have used something illegal too ... "

    Nah, you like Adam Dunn. He's a Cincinnati Red. He's one of us, one of our boys. You could likely care less about Frank Thomas. So Thomas gets badmouthed through a far-fetched suggestion while you try to tiptoe around Dunn. It's inconsistent.

    Me? I'm consistent; I don't think either one has ever used anything illegal.

    As far as Bud Selig, it seems to me that I read a very recent article (maybe last week?) in which he specifically states a certain player has never tested positive for anything illegal during MLB's entire testing program. Not surprisingly, that statement is buried in the bottom of the article and I've yet to see anyone comment on it. But then again, said player is disliked by most fans and any statement from the commissioner supporting that player will likely fall on deaf ears.

    Regarding 60 home run seasons, Babe Ruth outhomered entire teams ... but I digress ...

    Frankly I do not care about things done in the past that may be deemed bad. I care about making things right at the moment. The past can be learned from, but it cannot be changed. And it seems as though MLB has learned. Why do you suppose new rules and testing guidlines were implemented? Do you think it was done b/c there was not a problem? It was just to correct a mis-labeled image problem with fans like me? I think most of us know better than that. I for one was real hurt when that jerk Jose Canseco seemed more right than wrong with his accusations. Some still will not accept it. That is their right. I guess the new guidelines are just for fun and to make fans like me shut our mouths. Could be. Maybe not.
    Sorry, RFA, but stating that you do not care about the past is a complete copout and also inconsistent. You're making suggestions on the recent past of players still playing today, but don't care about the shady and tainted past of the records today's players are chasing? Sure, ok. On one hand you're heavily implying that today's current events taint the history of the game, but now you're stating that you don't care if that very same history that's being tainted was already tainted by previous players. That makes zero sense.

    All I've suggested is to put steroids in their proper context. Steroids are bad, but they're not bad to the level the media has portrayed them to be and some fans believe them to be. It's now against the rules to take them, as it should be, but there's plenty of other rules that are not to be broken either that are far more serious and damaging to the game than steroids. Betting on baseball and fixing games is among those that are FAR worse than steroids.

    You're right, baseball implemented a testing program, and I do agree with the implementation of that testing program. Now let the testing program do its job, and instead of launching yourself on an absurd witch hunt, it's more valuable to instead make proper suggestions for refining and improving the testing program.

    What I think is the most humorous about all of this is with the proper diet and strength conditioning program a person can achieve results beyond what sticking a needle in your rear and flailing away at weights gives you. Your body needs a certain amount of calories per meal. Within each meal, you’ll need certain amounts of protein, carbohydrates, starches, fat, fibers, fruit, vitamins, minerals, electrolyte vitamins, potassium, etc. etc. etc. Everybody is different, and everyone requires a slightly different amount than someone else. Then, as your body changes over time, your caloric intake has to change. Anybody who can master what to eat and when to eat it based on their own body's needs has the ability - also with proper strength conditioning - to achieve incredible results. And if anyone has the time, money and proper incentive to go to those lengths, it's professional athletes. Sticking the needle in your rear is essentially the lazy and unhealthy way to achieve all that.

    Of course, some baseball players are outstanding without having to do any of that. Chipper Jones looks like he's never touched a weight in his life, and all he's done is smack 331 home runs before the age of 34 and is on pace to fulfill a HOF career.
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    Williams should be fined by MLB

    I've thought this one over, and the more I think about it, Selig should levy a financial penalty against Williams for this. And a substantial one.

    First of all, by desconstructing Thomas in such detail, you can make an argument that Williams was tampering here. He's sullied the perception of a commodity that's now property of Oakland.

    Secondly, he's diminished the legacy of a marquee player, by levying unsubstantiated and unnecessary personal attacks. For an industry that thrives on the marketing of nostalgia and what not, this is a a big deal.

    Thomas has never tested positive for steroids. Other than a one or two week contract holdout in 2000, he's pretty much been a good soldier his whole career.

    He might be a complete prick. But his prickatude would have remained below the surface of Williams would have kept his trap shut.

    Thomas is an entertainer who furthers the interest of the business of MLB. When the dirty laundry of these entertainers gets aired by MLB executives, it only hurts the overall perception of the game.

    Lastly, I think it's pretty clear that Reinsdorff is complicit in these attacks. If Williams gets fined, Reinsdorff will pay it. Unlike the players, owners/execs don't have a union to file a grievance.

    Selig should stomp this out before we see more of this.
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