If Brenna isn't gone, there's no justice. Thing is, she's not even a very good singer. Seriously, you could walk into any karaoke bar and fins a dozen women who can sing just as well as her. You can't say that about any of the other women on the show.

After that it's a toss up between Kelly Cox and Kinnik. Cox's attempt at Hero was abysmal.

Mandisa rocked, I thought.

I also thought Lisa Tucker was really good last night.

I really like Katherine, but I didn't care for her song choice and I thought she was off a little. But in a night with few good performances, she should be safe.

What on earth was Paris thinking? Someone should have knocked some sense into her with that song choice. I think she wanted to show that she could also sing a ballad. Bad idea. I still think she wins this thing easily and is incredibly talented, but she better be careful. I thought she wasn't very good at all last night. Her past performances shouldn't put her in any danger, but based strictly on last night, she would be in the lower half, IMO.

Ayla was pretty good. Kellie was decent.

The girl who sang "Why Haven't I Heard From You" was pretty good as well. I like her voice. It's unique. But she's fairly boring and I don't think will last too long.