Way to go Bucks! AMAZING season!

It should be enough to get them a #1 seed in the big dance...but they won't get it. They're not media darlings like some of the others.

Here's their case for getting a #1 seed:

--Outright champs of the #1 RPI conference.

--Currently #4 in the RPI rankings

--23-4 record (four losses by a combined 15 points)

Here's why they won't get it:

--they didn't start the season ranked (I know it sounds weird but here's the reality...they had to work their way up in the rankings. Went from unranked to currently #8. If they'd have started higher they'd have finished higher. It's bogus but it's reality. 23-4 and an outright Big Ten championship in a year where the conference is loaded SHOULD get you a #1. Oh well.

Great season! Let's make some noise in the postseason!