Compare the parks he hit in with the parks of the 1930s or 1990s
Much smaller than the ones in the 30's,
As far as I know, Maris broke no laws by playing baseball after expansion, or by batting behind Mantle-actually, didn't he hit in front of Mickey part of 1961?
That's right,strike what I said and reverse it.. that was my intention, having Mantle behind him was an advantage, as far as laws none broken.

I was just sayng that the performance by a guy who nver hit more than 39 before or after peaked my interest of why it happened, as does Bond's situation. I believe that he juiced, but I'm certainly also open to the other aspects causing a change as well.

Maris also feasted at the following hitters parks in 61.

Tiger Stadium .297/.381/.784 5 HR's 37 ab's
Fenway .257/.395/.600 5 HR's
LA .333/.537/.630 1 HR

But at CHI he killed and that was a slight pitchers park

.359/.390/.846 5 HR's 39 ab's, but the WS staff was way worse at home than on the road, mostly in the slg% (plus .040)