Yep this is a baseball thread. In an interview with Bush Senior he once said half joking "... if the economy had turned a quarter sooner, I might have won."

The Reds are now seing input from their Dominican Academy. My understanding was that the original academy was set up under JimBo and Rijo in the late '90s. Little came of it, and the academy was moved. Now under new management the Reds have a group of players headed up by a pitcher that throws 93-97, and from the sounds of it will be assigned to either Sarasota or Chatt.

I'm all for bringing in former reds to ST as guest instructors. I see nothing wrong with it at all, but Rijo's academy failed to produce. He was a JimBo favorite and money poured into the academy that failed to produce a single major league pitcher for the Reds.

Now the Reds are expecting an influx of 5-7 players per year. This leads one to believe that there could be an expansion of this into Venezuela, Mexico, and possibly the Far East (South Korea, Taiwan etc.)

JimBo's inability to recognize his shortcomings could not and has not been corrected. DanO on the otherhand seems to have just missed out. by months in fact. Now of course a regime change doesn't help his case to stay no matter what, but had there been no change of ownership, and the 2003 draft (not DanO's) coupled with the 2005 draft, added to the influx of players from the Academy changed the view of the Reds Farm System from a barren wasteland to something resembling depth... he might have survived to the end of his contract at least.

To this day, I think DanO's biggest problem was he had no sense of urgency while surrounded by fans that did. His long term goal of correcting the deficiencies of the farm system were pretty good despite what many feel was a bad first draft (2004). He got a lot of good arms in 2005, and more are on the way from the D.R.

Now the man had no ability to recognize talent at the MAJOR LEAGUE level. He had a bias towards veteran players past their prime, while at the same time understanding the key to the future was a well stocked minor league system. Now whether or not he knew what to due with that system once in place remains to be seen.

Allen played a part in his demise as well. IMO Lindner did not. People can complain all they want about payroll, but there were legitimate reasons why it took so long for the payroll to jump the way it did. I seem to remember an Enquirer article concerning by what percentage the payroll could jump based on revenue from the previous year. Carl also pumped a ton of his own money into that revenue with the vouchers. Yes, he bought the vouchers that allowed school kids and teachers to attend games. Carl was saddled with Allen by MLB. Well rather the Reds were, and Carl inherited him. He had no sense for hwho to hire, and listened to a man that had no sense for how a team should be run. Though in Allen's defense, I believe he wanted Krivsky. I could be wrong on that.

I'm starting to ramble, so I'm going to finish up. IMO, DanO's fate was sealed after the 2004 draft yielded basically Homer Bailey. I think Bailey is overhyped, as he has yet to dominate any level he's been at. The 2005 draft yielded a few surprise picks that did dominate, or at least play at a high level. Had the return from the academy in the D.R. start in 2003, we might be still be hearinf DanO speak.

just something to think about.