Jerry Narron
Bucky Dent
Chris Chambliss
Mark Berry
Billy Hatcher
Tom Hume
Mark Stefanski
George Foster
Eric Davis
Tom Browning
Mario Soto

How many coaches/instructors does a team need? One for every player? Is it common practice for organizations to have so many former players in uniform and sitting along the bench during spring training games. I haven't noticed it if it is. I don't know if I'd be too excited if I were one of the current coaches, say Chris Chambliss, to see George Foster hanging around camp and working with some of the hitters, or for Vern Ruhle to see Tom Browning tell Eric Milton which side of the rubber he should try working from. Who is accountable if one of these guest instructors screws up Adam Dunn's swing, or if Harang injures himself trying to implement a mechanical change suggested by Mario Soto? Strikes me as too many cooks in the kitchen.