This was just offered to me:

They get:

1B Albert Pujols
CF Andruw Jones
LF Barry Bonds
3B Scott Rolen

I get:

1B David Ortiz
3B/LF Miguel Cabrera
1B/LF Adam Dunn
CL Chad Cordero

My team:

C Mike Piazza
1B Albert Pujols
2B Felipe Lopez
SS Bobby Crosby
3B Scott Rolen
LF Barry Bonds
CF Andruw Jones
RF Lance Berkman
Util Willy Mo Pena
Bench: Robinson Cano, Randy Winn

SP Jake Peavy
SP Rich Harden
SP Noah Lowry
RP Huston Street
RP Bobby Jenks
P Mark Mulder
Bench: Scott Kazmir

I would be trading the three best hitters in the NL basically. Bonds' playing time could be limited though. And who knows if Scott Rolen will rebound from his season long injury.

Dunn and Cabrera are monsters. Papi is pretty damn good too. Cordero had a great season last year, but will he repeat it?

I think it is too much to trade away, even though the return isn't bad.