I was very underwhelmed with a few excpetions. It seemed like about half the singers were in a key well below their range.

I think Melissa is porbably gone, but it could also be Bucky or Kevin.

Ace - good lord, what was that? 'Cause it sure wasn't singing. That was embarassing and one of the worst I've seen on this show.

Kellie - I think we just saw a melt down right in front of our eyes. She clearly had no confidence and had it tatooed over her face. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE song selection, way too low. But wow did she look beautiful. I think she's got enough fans to pull her through, but I thought she was the worst one this week next to Ace.

Elliott - Hes all voice and nothing else, and his voice seems to be going downhill a little. Its always interesting to see how some of the voices deteriorate as theyre not use to this level of strain. Elliott is boring and doesnt know how to perform. He just stands there and sings and sways a little. He wont make it to the top 5 because of that.

Mandisa Pretty good, not great. She sings every song the same way.

Bucky Boring, but not awful.

Melissa buh bye. I feel bad for her, her voice is shot. This is just too hard on a voice like hers. She was way off key most of the song. I was shocked Simon liked it.

Lisa yawn. Too low a key for her. But she should be fine. She'll be around a while with that voice.

Kevin one of the few I agreed with Simon tonight. It was bad. It still bothers me hes got this far. Hes a rich mans William Hung.

Katherine great vocals, horrible wardrobe. She has mass talent, the best female singer in the competition, but she still annoys the heck out of me. She seems fake as hell. Im not buying her act. But she might very well win. Shes got a GREAT voice.

Paris she was great tonight. I wasnt a big fan of the song, but she was fantastic doing the song. Her little act after the performance with Seacrest was tacky though.

Taylor I love this guy. I hope he wins.

Chris he was fantastic tonight. I absolutely hated the song, but he was great. This is the very type of music I loathe. All I could hear was guitar distortion and drums. I just cant stand music where you cant hear anything musical in it. But I realize thats just me.