I like the trade for the point of it, pitching, pitching, pitching, but I would have preferred to send Wily Mo and Cash for a good AAA or AA pitcher who is said to come into his own and contribute to a major league club in the next 2 seasons. I think we need to think like this, Harang and Claussen will be in their prime in 2-3 years, Homer Bailey will be on the club and will be a very electrifying pitcher, and then if we would have traded for one more prospect that could (should) turn out to be a major league quality pitcher. Then in 2008 we could trade for one #3-4 pitcher and we would have a quality line-up. While saying this you have to think, if you can get something trade value for Griffey at the trade deadline this year, I think you do it.....we should be thinking 2-3 years from now. Reds fans have seen the club struggle long enough, we can do it for 2-3 more years so we can have a studly team come 2008. I know this was kind of a rumble of the tongue but I kept getting thoughts throughout.