Now that we have DDR here, I'm guessing a catcher will be traded. Hey, how bout LaRue? I like LaRue, and he's a team leader but I think he could net some pitching.

To Texas: I'm dreaming, but I'd like to see Danks or Diamond. Yeah, okay. I'll put down my pipe now.

To Tampa: They have live pitching somewhere down there, don't they?

To Colorado: Ryan Shealy. Brain Fuentes please? No? Ok.

To Giants: Matt Cain or Noah Lowry.

To Dodgers: Cesar Izturis and Jae Seo.

To Phillies: Gavin Floyd or Ryan Madson. I'd ask for both, but push for Floyd.

To Pirates: Malholm, Duke, or Gonzalez.

I know the majority of these would be laughed at, but I'd propose them all and see if I can get anything.