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(from another thread)I believe they have a better in house solution in Denorfia. The guy hit 20 HRs with a .390 OBP last year.
Which leads to the question about which is a better prediction of later big league success, a player's AAA performance or his spring showing?

A.There are arguments for AAA's being a better indicator because it is a much larger sample and is against "regular season" -- albeit minor league -- competition.

B.There are arguments for ST stats because they have come against major leaguers in addition to minor leaguers -- albeit from a much shorter playing time, and they are attained at the player's current age, maturity level, and experience -- unlike last season's "history".

For example, Denorfia's Florida numbers to date:

46 0 2 .283 .370

Are there some historical data to support either AAA or ST as being superior to the other as indicators?