I've been putting a lot of thought into our starting rotation as of late, and I think within a few years it can actually be pretty good. All of this depends on Homer Bailey developing into an ace. There's no one else in our organization who fits the true description of an ace, and lets face it, we're not going to acquire one from outside of the organization, even with new ownership. But if Bailey can develop into a bonafide ace in the next couple of years, and you add him with Harang and Claussen, if they continue to gradually improve, and that's three pretty good pitchers right there. Granted, this is the optimistic point of view, but I can see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. We're still a long ways off from being known as a good pitching team, but it CAN happen. Here's hoping Bailey can stay off the trainer's table, and we can have some luck for once in terms of developing a pitcher. Harang and Claussen, in my mind, are decent now as it is, and they're both pretty young. I think both, with enough run support, can win 12-15 games, and if you factor in a young stud like Bailey, who may be capable of winning anywhere from 15-20, IF, and only if he reaches his potential, then that's not bad at all. Our luck though, the rotation will be solid in two or three years, but by then the offense will be wretched . Just thought I'd post a thread that gives us SOME hope for the future. Might happen, might not. Time will tell