My league just had our draft last night and I'd appreciate some feedback on where I should look to improve my squad. My league is a twelve team 5x5 only we've replaced AVG with OBP.

C: Jason LaRue
1B: Prince Fielder
2B: Chase Utley
SS: Raphael Furcal
3B: Aramis Ramirez
OF: Miguel Cabrerra
OF: Scott Podsednik
OF: Pat Burrell
Util: Austin Kearns
BN: Luis Castillo
BN: Milton Bradley
BN: Jeremy Hermida

SP: John Lackey
SP: Javier Vazquez
RP: Francisco Rodriquez
RP: Eddie Guardado
P: Chris Ray
P: Scott Kazmir
P: Danny Haren
BN: Francisco Liriano
BN: Jon Papelbon

I don't really love having Luis Castillo on the bench but he's pretty much the best backup 2B available. Offensively the only available player I'm really interested in is Casey Klotchman, but I'm not sure who to drop/trade to make room for him.

I'm pretty happy with my pitching staff but I'm open to hearing suggestions for improvement. Right now Oliver Perez and Scott Shields are both available in my league so I'd love to find a way to add them to my roster.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any feedback.