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Ugh! I'm not surprised to see WMP traded but I was hopeing to get better pitching for him.

I was also looking forward to seeing an OF of WMP, JR and Kearnes. Worst part is that it looks like Hatteberg is now the starting first baseman.


I wouldn't assume Hatteberg gets the vast majority of starts at first. At least I hope not. This does give the Reds more flexibility with Freel, however, and since he has been seeing alot of time in the outfield, this move gives him more playing time with Dunn at first half the time. You know Narron likes this, cause now he can ride the hot hand between Hatteberg and Freel and slot Richie Rich at second when Freel plays OF. I think we will see an equal rotation between Hatteberg, Rich, Freel, and Womack IMO - also depending on productivity.

I do wonder what Krivsky is thinking long term here, though. Where does he envision our outfield in the future. Denorfia - RF, Kearns - CF, Dunn - LF. All I can say is I hope he has a plan.

Do I like this trade? I like it for the short term because it does make our team better now, and measurably so. But like I said, Krivsky better have a plan.