Even though it's doubtful that anyone wants him he would do better in a pitcher's park for sure. I was thinking about some similar players..... guys who need a change of scenery and have big contracts/ might be availible for Milton + small package. I thought of......

-Carl Pavano -Yanks would want Freel and Weathers at least thrown in)
-Jaret Wright -Interesting possibility but his health is a major concern)
-Russ Ortiz -What Happened last year?!?!?! I thought of him as decent for many years.... like a bad ace or a good #2.

Washington is always a possibility.... would you have done a Milton AND Pena for Soriano swap? Don't loose pop and cut payroll at the same time..plus Pena will probably falter in D.C. so less feeling bad. Freel could have been traded in the short term for some more pitching and Soriano could have fetched a lot if we were way out by the deadline.

Hee Seop Choi would be an ideal acquisition. Many don't like him but he's always been in pitchers parks since he developed and he's never had a full chance to play. He can't hit for average but at least potential to hit like .275 or .280 with a high OBP and 30 HR power.... should blossum into the way Derek Lee was prior to the massive explosion in talent last year with a few more walks. This is the time to get him....... he has no position to play.... GO SNAG HIM REDS!!!!