What the heck! I really like my offense. I bypassed on closers because my theory is that you can always find solid performers late in the draft and even in the waiver wire.

I drafted 7th in a 8 team league. It's a H2H 5x5 league with OBP, R, HR, RBI, SB, W, ERA, K, WHIP, SV.

D. Wright (Keeper #1)
J. Peavy (Keeper #2)
V. Martinez
R. Halladay
A. Dunn
G. Sheffield
J. Cantu
L. Berkman
F. Lopez
G. Sizemore
S. Rolen
R. Howard
Cliff Lee
J. Patterson
B. Jenks
B. Wickman
M. Holliday
S. Kazmir
B. Crosby
R. Clemens
E. Bedard
K. Millwood
J. Hermida
Delmon Young
F. Liriano

I dropped Young because of his demotion and picked up Aaron Harang.