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There are about 10 posters who honestly believe they know everything there is to know about how to run a baseball team and eveyone else who has a different opinion is wrong.
Marty has been broadcasting Red's baseball for 30 years but according to the Red's Forum 10 he is as dumb as a broomstick.
George Foster played the game and was quite successful while wearing a Red's uniform but according to the Red's Forum 10 he is right there with Marty.
Hal McCoy has forgotten more about baseball than the Red's Forum 10 has ever known. Sadly, he is right there with Marty and George.
Over the last 30 years Marty, George, and Hal have watched, evaluated, and/or participated in over 10,000 Red's basball games. That doesn't count any other baseball games they may have watched.
About 10 wannabe's on this board will gladly tell everyone how stupid these people are and how smart and intellectual the Red's Forum 10 are. I even saw a post comparing something Ted Williams said with something Marty said. In Adma Dunn's case I vote with Marty. Ted Williams was talking about Ted Williams and not Adam Dunn.
I love the way Dunn plays. I do not like his selectivity when the Reds need him to hit the baseball. Dunn does not need a bunch of wannabe GM's defending him. He needs to drive in the runs and swing the bat.
I sure hope the 'wannabe 10' never buy my beloved Reds.

I used to feel the same way. But the supposed "Redszone 10" (we all know who they are) have taught me a lot about baseball in my short time here. take Raisor. He is all numbers, but you know what, he's usually right. I have respect for all of the "10" and any other poster who makes good points.

BlfdVaFan, I have never heard anyone here say that Marty, George, or Hal are stupid. We may not like their broadcasting/writing style, or their opinions, but that is what is great about RZ. The ability to discuss baseball, and everything that goes with it.

He needs to drive in the runs and swing the bat
he does.