After reading this story, I remembered having a "discussion" with the principal when I was in junior high about the dress code. We were not allowed to wear shorts because "it was too distracting to other students."

I countered that it was too distracting not to wear shorts because we got hot and could not concentrate. The school had no AC. Needless to say he told me too "drop it."

MARSHALL, Mo. -- An eighth-grader was taken out of class Tuesday because of her hair coloring, KMBC-TV in Kansas City reported.

An administrator at Bueker Middle School said the girl's red highlights were distracting to other students.

School officials said there is a rule at Bueker that hairstyles that are distracting to the educational process are not allowed.

"Doing this is taking away from people's individuality," student Kristen McCorkle said.

The 14-year-old, who is a straight-A student, said the school's assistant principal told her she had to go to in-school suspension and that she would be there until her hair is fixed.

"I didn't think that any of this would happen," the eighth-grader said.

She said she understands that some hairstyles can be distracting, but she doesn't think hers is.

"Like colors that are totally out of the norm, blue, or green, or purple. But I think red is more normal and I don't think that many people would disagree with me," she said.

"I don't feel that her hair is out of control," said Tim McCorkle, the girl's father. "It's definitely not outside of the boundaries that we have established here in the home."

The district's superintendent, Dr. Robert Gordon, said he was alerted to the situation Tuesday afternoon.

"This, as I understand it, is a matter of interpretation. I believe the assistant principal was doing what he felt was in the best interest of the kids," Gordon said.

Tim McCorkle, who is the Bates City police chief, said the school's policy needs to be reviewed.

"As one who has written policies, some need to be updated or sometimes they're just wrong," he said.

Gordon said he plans to speak with the student's parents about the situation.

Meanwhile, Kristen said the hair coloring was an accident. She didn't expect the highlights to be so strong and she plans to tone it down as soon as possible.